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As a lost child, you were raised by a cult of fighters: The Mavros. You were taught to defend yourself with your bare hands from any kind of attack and learned to control your body like a superhero.  All this learning was to use you and your talent to take control of your beloved planet Vanthakaar. The Mavros discovered the ways to possess the fierce power of Vanthakaar's core and this would enable them to take control of the whole galaxy. Now it's time to stop this madness and bring peace to your planet before The Mavros rises. 



Survive through the waves as your enemies get stronger!
You play the game as a melee ninja fighter with special abilities, just like your enemies. There are different types of combos and ability sets that you can damage the enemy with. Defeat your enemies by hitting them with timely attacks and dodging their strong hits. As you defeat your enemies in each wave, you will progress through the level and have the chance to upgrade your skills or acquire new ones per instance (means everything will reset once you are defeated). Once you hit the last wave you will have the chance to prevent Mavros from taking control and save your planet, Vanthakaar.




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